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85% of Business Technology is Easily Hackable. Is Yours?

October 16, 2019

85% of Business Technology is Easily Hackable. Is Yours?

Do you rely on a computerised access control system to regulate the entry and exit of personnel and visitors into your building? Are you aware of how vulnerable the technology you use to secure your premises can be? Did you know that hackers can penetrate as much as 85% of the building security technology in use today?

Yes. No. No? Whatever your answers to the questions above, there is some good news on the way. Advanced business security systems will help keep your building premises and data secure.

This article describes some of these vulnerabilities. Also, on offer is an introduction into some of the up to date solutions to help secure your premises, valuable assets, and data.


Providing a safe environment for employees with access control

Access control systems not only enhance building security, they provide a safe working environment for employees. Building entry systems are the first line of defence for any commercial premises. Ensuring the technology is as hacker-proof as possible is important.

Modern access smart cards rely on high frequency or ultra-high frequency RFID technology which makes them more secure. A smart entry system consists of smart cards, card readers and a software system which checks every card against a database of authorised users.


Other different uses of smart cards include the following:

  • Identity management, suppliers can colour code them to differentiate employees from visitors as an example
  • Staff identity card, they can have the holder’s photo printed on them to act as another layer of security
  • Simple payment card for food and vending machines in an onsite canteen
  • Printing, copying and scanning of documents
  • Access to computer systems eliminating the need for passwords
  • Membership attendance at fitness centres as well as operating lockers etc

As smart as the cards are, some older technology is vulnerable to hacking. HID cards using Wiegand technology is a classic example of outdated technology. You should specify advanced technology options which use higher levels of encryption.


Different types of access control for business security

Smart cards are only one of many access control solutions available on the market today. Other solutions include audio and video intercom systems, IP intercom and biometric security. The following section of this article gives a brief description of each system.


Biometric Access Control

While traditional access control systems need you to have a key, card or fob to gain access, biometric systems work on a ‘who you are’ basis.

Anyone holding the right key or correct access fob can gain access to a building. Biometric systems work on the authentication of the unique features of an individual. Hence fingerprints, palm prints and facial recognition systems are becoming a common security measure.


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The benefits of using biometric data in business security include:

  • You no longer have to carry cards or keys which can get lost
  • More secure because biometric data is unique to an individual
  • Reduction in long term running costs, no card or fob replacement ever
  • Integration with time and attendance, fire roll call systems, etc.

IP Video Intercom Systems

IP intercom systems combine high definition quality video and crisp audio interface as part of a building security system. Video and audio handsets work with a manned security station, on site or remotely because of the network connectivity.

An excellent entry control solution, security personnel can visually confirm who is at the door before allowing access. Installation uses the building’s existing CAT5 network and allows for the deployment of multiple intercom units at various access points.

A few benefits of implementing an IP intercom system include the following:

  • Increased building security because of added surveillance at entry points
  • Flexible and easy to expand as need arises
  • User friendly as building users no longer need to carry keys or remember pin codes


The possibilities for expansion are endless when you choose to secure your building with an IP intercom system.

Relying on old and outdated security technology is a risk you cannot afford to take as a business. Security experts have proven that many of the legacy access control solutions in use today are hackable, leading to asset or data loss if undetected.

Advanced technology such as IP intercom and biometric security systems offer a more secure option to manage staff movements, protect against theft and intrusion.


Choosing the right partner for peace of mind

Moving your building security forward can be daunting, especially if you are one of the 85% of businesses with legacy access control systems. Finding the right partner with the experience to either upgrade your system or design a more secure one may not be straightforward.

Contact Fire and Security supply a range of business security technology, designing tailormade solutions to meet your unique security demands. With nearly 40 years’ experience in the industry and Gold Standard industry accreditation, they can offer the most up-to-date solutions.

Visit the access control page of their website to find out how you can intelligently start managing the flow of people within your building today.


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