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5 ways to improve your business security

June 13, 2019

5 ways to improve your business security

Why is business security important?

If you own a small to medium-sized business in the Oxford area, you might not be too worried about the risk of break-ins and burglaries? Unfortunately according to a recent report, wholesale and retail businesses with 50 or more employees experienced over 280,000 incidents of crime per 1,000 premises in 2017 alone. On average, this equates to each wholesale and retail business with 50 or more employees experiencing over 5 crimes per week. These are worrying figures that are predicted to rise with cuts to the police force and other public services.

Luckily, there are plenty of preventative measures that you can easily put in place that will safeguard your Oxfordshire business. The more you invest in improving your business's security, the less likely you will be targeted by opportunistic or organised criminals. Let's look at 5 key security measures and why incorporating them into your business security plan will make all the difference in avoiding criminal attacks.

1. Intruder alarms

An intruder alarm or a burglar alarm is an effective way to prevent the risk of theft, intrusion and fire risk. Intruder alarms are a simple and productive solution for smaller business who need to ensure the safety of their employees and assets and can even result in reduced insurance premiums. Intruder Alarms can be monitored to provide police response to alarm activations providing further deterrent to intruders and safety to keyholders attending alarms. You can also have the alarm system connected to a mobile app so you have complete visibility of when you alarm is set/unset, who it was and which detectors were activated when it alarms.

2. CCTV security systems

The presence of CCTV systems is a deterrent to unwanted intruders or opportunistic thieves and, as such, are renowned as being the most effective deterrent a business can deploy to keep crime, intrusion and vandalism away from your business. Just the sight of exterior or interior CCTV security cameras on the premises is often enough to prevent the crime from happening in the first place. And if a crime is committed, CCTV footage can often provide valuable evidence to bring the perpetrators to justice.

There are a range of solutions available any you cannot take a one size fits all approach. It’s important to define the purpose of CCTV and make sure the cameras you have bought are capable of meeting those needs. Engaging a specialist to help you select these cameras is a must. Your business may also benefit from CCTV remote monitoring services and, if your system is large enough, on site control rooms where trained professionals are deployed to keep an eye on your business and call security or the police as necessary to respond to events. The latest innovation in the CCTV industry is video analytics coupled with Artificial Intelligence. This involves the analysis of CCTV feeds and the extraction of data and biometrics from a captured image using specialist computer software to alert staff to incidents as they happen or allow you to search by object, gender, clothing, age and even emotions. All of the features above can be utilised to provide notifications to you via a mobile app of any events the system thinks you should be aware of.

3. Access Control Systems

An increasing number of businesses in the Oxford area are finding that access control systems are invaluable for everyone's peace of mind. It offers a number of benefits to organisations:

  • Never have to worry about lost keys again, changing a cylinder or paying out for expense replacement keys to be cut.
  • Don’t worry about anyone cloning keys and presenting a security risk to your organisation
  • Know who is in and who is out from your organisation at any time and provide audit trails for people entering sensitive areas
  • Reduce accidents; restrict staff and visitors from certain areas unless they have the relevant training and the system authorises them to enter the area
  • Reduce internal thefts of information and assets as staff know they are tracked in areas of significance

A card/fob access control solution provides a cost-effective way of securing your building, protecting assets and minimising. It is quick and easy to implement and cheap to administer. Higher security sites or sites that want the convenience of not carrying cards/fob may opt biometric access control. There are many biometric access control readers including fingerprint, iris, retina and face. This is a growing market and is becoming more and more mainstream and cost-effective since mobile technology started using the technology to secure your phones. Biometric security provides many advantages over card/fob access control solutions, such as greater security as your fingerprint cannot be clones, increased accountability as you fingerprint cannot be stolen and convenience as you will always carry your fingerprint around with you and can’t forget that! Speak to one of our experts

4. Gates and Barriers

Commercial gates and barriers add a tangible physical deterrent and a valuable extra layer of security to your premises, especially when combined with an access control system. Choose from traditional swing gates, cantilever, sliding or speed gates, all of which provide good levels of protection and privacy to your business.

Each style of gates has its own set of advantages. Sliding and cantilever gates, for example, are space-saving solutions and very secure, while speed gates, as their name suggests, work twice as fast as traditional swinging gates which is great for high traffic areas or entrances that are close to main roads. Automated gates are a popular choice, allowing an even great degree of access control to your site. Automatic gates and barriers can be combined with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology to log vehicles coming into the premises and provide automatic access control into your site.

5. Integrated Security Systems

Integrated Security Systems bring all of the above into one single software platform so that it is easy to use and proactively alerts you of events as you need to know about them. These systems can be integrated with other building systems such as lift control, fire alarms and HVAC to provide all your building information in one place.

Using in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies with the varying needs of different industries we can design, install and maintain fully integrated security systems that can be operated from one place and controlled all at the same time.

Incorporating integrated security measures into your work environment will give you and your employees co-workers peace of mind. Contact Fire and Security has provided bespoke solutions in Oxfordshire for 36 years and offers excellent solutions to suit all requirements. For advice, CFS is able to visit your premises to conduct risk assessments or discuss potential upgrades or new systems. Get in touch with CFS today!

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