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Deciding which security systems are the best for your requirements

July 3, 2019

Deciding which security systems are the best for your requirements

Why are security systems for your business important? They are essential to prevent internal and external theft and vandalism and the financial losses that your business could suffer as a result. Think about the cost to the business in the event of information or assets being stolen, the immediate financial implication of replacing those assets, along with the immeasurable damage to business continuity, reputation and staff morale. 
To help you decide which type of system is right for your company - CCTV systems, access control systems and security alarms - there are several main points that you should consider:

The profile and risk of your business

Obviously different businesses have different levels of associated risks with regards to security. For example an electronics shop is more likely to have assets stolen than say a beauty parlour.

Different sizes of business will require different types of security systems. Smaller/simpler buildings

Before we can make any decision on the level or type of security we need, we must first establish the risk to the business. Think about the reasons why you are considering security in the first place, these could be issues such as:

  • Loss of assets from the shop floor (shrinkage)
  • Protection of company data and intellectual property
  • Mitigating the risk of sabotage in server rooms
  • Maintaining business continuity if computing equipment were to go missing, point of sale systems or stock to sell
  • Damage to company reputation if:
  1. Your property is defaced
  2. Your clients personal data is stolen
  3. The wrong type of person gets into a nursery or school
  4. Someone has an accident and you can’t prove that it wasn’t negligence
  5. Damage is caused to manufacturing equipment so your company can’t deliver on a big contract
  6. Have a think of what’s the worst that could happen and think outside of the box. I’m sure we can think of a solution to mitigate these risks.

Think about factors such as:

Which parts of your business are most vulnerable (windows, loading bays, entrances);
Whether you need a solution that focuses on internal or external protection - or both. Should we try and stop/deter an intruder before they get into your property?

Is the property isolated and therefore requires remote monitoring?

Are there any blind spots from public view that a criminal could take their time to get into the property

What is the value of the stock you are trying to protect and is say £3k worth spending to reduce the risk of losing £50k worth of assets?

Is your business going to grow/change? Is it going to open multiple locations. Scalability is also an important thing to think about when buying a security system. Consider the likelihood of future business growth and ask yourself how the expansion of premises will affect what type of security is needed and if the system can even be expanded. Take a look at our security solutions

The possibility and type of crime

If you have retail premises or an office with valuable equipment, theft is a risk that you cannot ignore. In 2017, wholesale and retail premises experienced an estimated 8.1 million crimes; over four-fifths of these were due to customer theft. However, all businesses face a fight against a range of different crimes. The most common examples of these 8.1 million crimes include: 
Theft: Shoplifting and opportunistic thefts account for the bulk of workplace crime. However, employee theft is an unpalatable reality and includes fraud, data, company secrets, and intellectual property theft. Ensuring that your workforce is aware that your premises are fully covered by an up-to-date solution and that your IT setup is fully protected. These simple steps can go a long way to reducing the risks of this type of white-collar crime.
Robbery: Electronic access control is an essential tool, along with intruder alarms and CCTV to mitigate the risk of robbery. Unauthorised access can be restricted, although non-residents and contractors can have limited access. You remain in control of who can enter or leave your premises - it is possible to set a schedule for gates to lock and unlock and access can be remotely controlled. This type of solution is also ideal for fire alarm roll call, locating staff and visitors in large headquarters and for managing car park occupancy.

Others types of corporate crime include vandalism, vehicle-related theft/damage (you may wish to ensure that your company car park is covered by security cameras).

The good news is that most crime can be prevented if steps are taken to reduce the opportunity for it.

What types of crime would you experience?

It’s wise to also think about the types of crime that might affect your business and the main culprits that could be responsible for it. Things to consider include:

Location – What is the crime rate like in your business’ local area? If there is a high level of burglaries, for instance, you might need to consider extra alarms and ways to restrict entry to a building.

Staff – Do you handle costly products or keep high amounts of money on site? If so, you might want to think about security that keeps an eye on your employees, especially those new to your company where trust still needs to be built.

Customers – Do you run a retail business with a large shop floor or complex layout? If so, you might want to think about security that best cover the areas your customers use, such as store detectives or CCTV.

Will you require internal and external security systems?

Internal and external security is an effective visual deterrent to both petty thieves and professional criminals. You may want to consider securing your car park, yard/storage or garden/grounds from unwanted visitors/criminals. CCTV, Radar and Fence Perimeter protection systems are a great way to do this. You can receive realtime notifications of intruders on your mobile phone or on site control room to record and respond to incidents as they happen and before the intruder get’s into your building.

With regards to internal security this generally consists of Intruder Alarms, CCTV and Access Control Systems. Available in a range of specifications, internal cameras are available in discreet and unobtrusive styles that are sympathetic to your decor but can be positioned wherever you feel security is most paramount, such as near safes, vaults or tills or where employees regularly handle valuable stock. Adding access control internally can slow down and prevent unwanted intruders to high risk areas if they were to gain access through your external perimeter security system.

These four points should help you to make an informed choice about the correct security system for your needs. Contact Fire and Security provide a range of different security devices: CCTV monitoring, Access Control, and Security Alarms that are all flexible and able to adapt to the individual security needs of different businesses. If you need effective and competitively priced security for your commercial property, trust any of the security solutions installed by the experts at Contact Fire and Security.

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