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What Fire Prevention Safety Equipment Does My warehouse Need

Posted by Duncan Machray on May 1, 2018 10:31:26 AM

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Equipping and managing a warehouse in order to deliver optimal fire prevention and safety levels requires a broad approach which employs a varied mix of technologies, strategies, and procedures. These include fire recognition and prevention solutions such as fire alarms/pagers and air sampling equipment, fire risk assessments, and fire suppression technology.

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As leading experts in warehouse fire prevention and safety, the team at Contact Fire & Security are highly experienced in advising businesses and organisations about how these tools can be deployed most effectively within their own warehouse setting.

We frequently carry out full warehouse fire and safety assessments for both current and prospective clients. This is a free service, and comes highly recommended as a starting point for any warehouse owner or manager who is in the process of devising a robust fire protection and safety system.

If you would like to take advantage of this service, feel free to contact us to arrange for a member of the team to visit you at your premises. In the meantime, however, we have prepared this brief guide to provide some background information about the various options which you should consider when deciding what fire prevention and safety equipment to install in your warehouse. 

Recognition and Prevention Solutions

An effective fire recognition and prevention solution will utilise technology including fire alarms, fire pagers, and air sampling systems. Which specific devices will be most suitable will be dictated by the nature of the building and its contents, and the way in which it is used.

One of the most advanced ways to protect your warehouse or business from the risk of a fire are Air sampling detection (ASD) systems work on a similar principle by monitoring air quality within the building in order to detect early indicators of fire hazards. This enables the operator to investigate and address the issue in order to prevent fires and minimize future risks. Aspirating smoke detection is a suitable replacement for conventional smoke detection where accessibility is limited. For example, ASD detection will be better suited to a warehouse with smoke detectors situated at high levels. Conventional smoke detectors can become faulty and access equipment will need to be deployed, this can be extremely disruptive to operation and it is also dangerous. ASD eliminates this issue as the aspirating pipe work will be located at high levels and the ASD detector will be located at accessible levels. Aspirating pipe will replace the smoke detectors at high level, with holes in the aspirating pipe replacing the smoke detectors. This can save on maintenance costs and the lifetime cost of a fire alarm system.

Security cameras can also be used alongside fire alarms, air samplers, and other fire prevention equipment as part of an integrated fire protection and security system. You can also get smart CCTV cameras that can detect fires and raise alarms and even manage temperature.

Assessments and Regulations Solutions

It goes without saying that no two warehouses are the same. Following on from this, it is also clear that fire prevention and safety equipment which is ideal for one warehouse could be completely inappropriate for another. The legal requirement to carry out regular workplace fire assessments placed on those with a responsibility for relevant buildings by the government is designed to ensure that this is addressed.

To assist you in ensuring that you fulfil all your obligations in this regard, Contact Fire & Security offer a comprehensive warehouse fire risk assessment service. It is commonly recommended that these assessments are carried out on at least an annual basis, with the addition of ad hoc assessments in response to any significant changes to the structure or layout of the warehouse, changing machinery or equipment, or working practices.

Additionally, our team are quick to respond to the introduction of any new regulations or changes to existing legislation which might require our customers to take action. As part of our service, you will be informed of such developments in a timely manner, and offered clear advice about how to respond.

Fire Suppression Systems

Designed to minimise the duration and severity of fires, fire suppression systems work by reacting to outbreaks in order to restrict the extent to which the fire is able to spread. Using a central control and storage system combined with a network of outlets and sensors located throughout the building, fire suppression technology utilises either dry chemicals which effectively starve the fire of oxygen, wet agents designed to extinguish fire, or a combination of the two. 

Traditional manual fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets should also be installed, however for the protection of staff members and any other personnel their use must be subject to strict safety protocol. Sprinkler systems can also provide your fire suppression system with additional support.

All of the options discussed above have a part to play in delivering maximum warehouse fire safety. However, in order to unlock their full potential and provide fully optimised warehouse fire protection and safety, it is essential to pay close attention to how these technologies interact and co-operate.

If properly executed, this approach will deliver a fully integrated fire prevention and safety system which can adapt to how your warehouse security is used, respond to changing regulations, and incorporate new technology as it emerges.

At Contact Fire & Security, we're in the privileged position of being able to draw on the experience and expertise we've built up during our 37 plus years at the forefront of the industry. Combined with our close contacts with the producers of the most advanced fire prevention and suppression solutions available today, this enables us to deliver an exceptional bespoke fire prevention and safety solution designed around the unique features and requirements of your warehouse.

In order to benefit from this, simply use the contact details you can find here to book a free consultation with a member of our team of warehouse fire prevention and safety experts.


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