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Is Your Business Secure - Warehouse Security Checklist

Posted by Duncan Machray on Jul 25, 2018 11:38:00 AM


Achieving optimum security for your business requires a methodical approach which addresses a number of key elements, both in terms of the characteristics of the building itself and the way in which your business operates. A successful security strategy will utilise a range of different technologies and techniques to create an integrated system which is able to respond and adapt to security issues and threats on an ongoing basis. 

While the specific warehouse security challenges your business faces will require a degree of prioritisation, during our many years in the industry we have identified a number of issues which have proved to be all but universal. In order to help you ensure that none of these are overlooked in your own warehouse security strategy, we've put together this straightforward, informative checklist. 


Access Control

Maintaining tight control over who can access your premises is a fundamental consideration when implementing an effective warehouse security strategy. It helps to limit the number of designated entry points to the warehouse, ideally to just one door which can be used by staff members and visitors alike. 

Access control systems make managing people and gathering visitor data simpler. Technology which can be used in access control applications includes card access systems, key-code pads, intercoms, facial recognition equipment, and CCTV. Access Control can provide you with records of who enters or leaves an area and advanced built-in report features means it's possible to manage people intelligently, restrict area access and analyse your findings with complete flexibility.

Car Parks and External Access Points

Securing the exterior of a warehouse including any car parks and external access points is a challenging task for even the most experienced security professional. However, clever use of physical barriers and locking mechanisms can substantially mitigate the threats posed by intruders and other risk factors. 

If appropriate, the use of fence spikes or anti-climb guards can act as an additional deterrent. This technique must only be deployed with extreme caution, and it is essential to ensure that all relevant legal requirements are adhered to. 

Locking gate mechanisms and barrier systems can be operated using ANPR technology, enabling security staff to automate control of which vehicles are allowed to access the site. This technology can also be used as part of a monetised parking control strategy also. 

Lighting and CCTV

Integrating all lighting and CCTV systems both internally and externally can enhance warehouse security in more ways than might initially be expected. For example, lighting activated using technology such as motion sensors or other detection equipment combined with CCTV recording equipment is highly useful in ensuring that any break-in or act of vandalism results in a conviction. The light turning on is also an excellent deterrent.

Sophisticated technology such as facial recognition and UMD (Unusual Motion Detection) systems can be used alongside lighting and CCTV in all manner of different applications. This enables security professionals to create highly specialised systems to meet the unique warehouse security requirements of their clients for much less outlay than you think. As leaders in the field, we can ensure that our customers benefit from the latest in lighting and CCTV technology as it develops.

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Training and Staff Checks

While using the right technology is a significant element of implementing an effective warehouse security strategy, it is by no means the only tool at your disposal. Putting a proper staff training and checking programme in place is also vital, and can lead to substantial financial savings through both increased efficiency and reductions in staff theft or 'shrinkage'

The first step towards accomplishing this is to ensure that the recruitment process adheres to rigorous guidelines across all departments. All references must be checked thoroughly, and additional information such as social media profiles can be invaluable. Consider paying for a full criminal background check. If in doubt, never forget that it is often worth taking the time to look for new applicants, even it means re-advertising the position. 


Finally, ensure that a reliable system is in place to monitor anyone visiting your warehouse. It is polite to greet visitors on entrance, so take this opportunity to ask them to sign in. Additionally, provide guests with a clearly visible and authenticated 'visitor' sticker or badge. This will reassure staff that visitors have a legitimate reason for being on site, and will identify anyone without a sticker or badge as a potential intruder. 

Also, consider asking all visitors to your warehouse to provide documented photo ID as a matter of protocol. If regular further visits by the same person are expected, this information can then be recorded for use alongside ANPR, CCTV and facial recognition technology in order to enhance security even further. 

Paying close attention to all of the considerations mentioned above and amending your plans or existing system accordingly will greatly enhanced security in any warehouse setting. However, in order to optimise warehouse security fully it is essential to ensure that the technology used fits the challenges and threats you face as closely as possible. 

In response to this, we specialise in offering bespoke solutions based on the findings of a comprehensive risk assessment conducted at your premises at no cost to your business and with no obligation. During the visit, we can discuss potential upgrades, or begin the process of designing a completely new system. This will enable you to put safeguards and deterrents in place which will play a vital role in creating the optimum security solution for your warehouse.

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