High level, low-profile home security High level, low-profile home securityWe represent security design that provides peace of mind without compromising on aesthetics. From alarms to automated gates, we aim to make your life easier and safer with quality products.


Integrating tailor-made security into your property

'Our integrated systems work together to provide 360° security, from perimeter alarms and gate automation to CCTV and flood defence.'

You could be 80% safer in your home

Contact Fire and Security intruder alarms, CCTV, access control and perimeter security technologies are chosen by residential homes and estates for their quality, integrity and ability to blend seamlessly into the environment.

From the point of arrival, we can provide high-level, low-profile security giving residents a sense of security without compromising on aesthetics. Automatic Number Plate Recognition allows for uninterrupted entry and exit through automated gates, authorised vehicles coming and going at will without having to stop and present their access token to a reader or be identified by a guard.

  • 4hr alarm service that you can rely on
  • Award winning supply and installation service
  • All of our engineers are fully NSI Gold Accredited
  • We hold over 36 years experience in the industry

Where your security
is paramount

Detect intrusion and provide early warning with perimeters

Perimeter fence solutions deter and detect intrusion attempts, with full height or wall top electric fence systems available, all of which blend into the environment. Non-electric taut wire and disturbance sensor technologies detect interference with the perimeter fence lines or with building cladding or roofs.

Our Integrated Security Systems have the ability to collect real-time data and integrate with other key systems such as imaging systems (DVR, NVR, CCTV) to deliver an auditable visual record of security events.

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