Increased security for St Mary’s Church

Oxford University’s historic University Church of St Mary the Virgin is to undergo its biggest restoration since the late 19th century. Including a brand new state of the art security system.

‘Last year 300,000 people visited the Church, keeping the historic items in the church secure, visitors safe and the building from vandalism the church has invested in a state of the art Intruder Alarm System will be zoned to ensure that any unoccupied part of the church is secured separately to the other areas.

Our Solutions

The intruder alarm system is monitored 24 hours a day by our Monitoring Station, when an alarm is activated then all keyholders are notified immediately and if a confirmed alarm is received then the police are called.

CCTV within the building and the church bell tower monitors the visitors moving throughout the building to ensure their safety and deter vandalism to the newly refurbished building.

Due to the sensitive nature of the building every cable route and device position has to be carefully planned with the architects.

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