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The Old Gaol Development was designed to be very open to allow the surroundings of the river, the Old Gaol itself and the beautiful gardens to feel part of the newly developed homes.


Safeguarding 61 new homes in Abingdon

This exciting property development comprises 61 new and converted residential homes and a range of restaurant spaces, and community facilities, all set in the beautiful surrounds of the River Thames at Abingdon in Oxfordshire. This historic site is set to be a vibrant indoor and outdoor community and residential space and provide an elegant gateway to Abingdon town centre.

Cranbourne Homes have taken on this exciting development to produce an absolutely unique piece of real estate for the lucky few who manage to snap up one of these stunning properties.

  • We secure entire building complexes with reliable systems
  • Guaranteeing the utmost safety for every resident
  • Watch the live feed from anywhere with HD CCTV cameras
  • Over 36 years of experience and knowledge in the industry