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Providing  security for the new Clerici & Sinclair building

For Oxford Brookes University

Providing  security for the new Clerici & Sinclair building

Many schools, colleges and Universities are faced with budget cut backs each year and are also faced with increasingly complex fire and security challenges. At Contact Security we offer scalable solutions that fit around your budget restraints and ensure that you are not left pennyless. This here is why we have revisited many education established to further increase their levels of security.

Our team have helped Oxford Brookes on a number of occasions and in this project we were tasked with the installing a number of security systems for the recently refurbished Clerici and Sinclair building

Our Solutions

Working to the Universities budget, our installers were able to supply and install a number of fire and security systems to which our team ensured that they were installed to above British Standards.

With their wealth of knowledge and understanding of the industry, our installers are able to assist you in your enquiry and help to find you the perfect fire and security system for your premises. For more information about the different security systems that we install and maintain, please get in touch with our team today who will happily assist you in your enquiry.