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Securing the property at Eurodrive Cowley

For Eurodrive Cowley

Securing the property at Eurodrive Cowley

We were contacted by Eurodrive Cowley in Oxford to install a new CCTV system at their premises to further protect their staff, clients and property from criminal activity. The system needed to be able to be accessed from anywhere and at any time, so an IP based CCTV system was the perfect option.

Our Solutions

Eurodrive Cowley required a new IP based CCTV system to be installed at their property as their old CCTV system was outdated and required a full upgrade. With the latest technology, our specialist CCTV installers were able to provide a complete upgrade that met each of the clients individual requirements.

Using an IP based CCTV system by Hikvision, the clients are able to view the live feed and recordings from anywhere in the world, which ensures that the property can be looked after at all times. The system also uses high definition camera, giving the clients stunning detail whilst viewing the live feed and recordings.