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The John Henry Brookes Building

For Oxford Brookes University

The John Henry Brookes Building

The John Henry Brookes Building (JHBB) at the University of Oxford opened in February 2014 at the heart of the Headington campus. It was designed to meet the future needs for higher education.

With large, light-filled open spaces, the building is a hub for a range of educational facilities, such as a library and lecture halls.

Our Solutions

With hundred of clients going in and out of the building every day, it was essential that the property was provided with the latest security technology to ensure the utmost in safety. The staff at the school required a solution where they could not only view the premises from their main computer, but also see each individual feed through an external device so they could see the live footage from the HD CCTV cameras from anywhere in the world.

Not only this, we were also requested to install a new access control system which helped to stop people from walking into the property without their access pass. This gave the building an easier way to manage who was allowed inside of the property, and also made the building a safer place for everybody.

With over 36 years of experience in the industry, our specialist security engineers were able to provide a suitable solution to meet all of their individual requirements. Utilising the latest technology that has been tested and proven, we were able to secure the premises while ensuring the utmost safety. The students and staff at the premises are now able to study and work without worry.