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Protecting Rowse's Wallingford Site

For Rowse Honey

Protecting Rowse's Wallingford Site

Many schools, colleges and Universities are faced with budget cut backs each year and are also faced with increasingly complex fire and security challenges. At Contact Security we offer scalable solutions that fit around your budget restraints and ensure that you are not left pennyless. This here is why we have revisited many education established to further increase their levels of security.

Our team have helped Oxford Brookes on a number of occasions and in this project we were tasked with the installing a number of security systems for the recently refurbished Clerici and Sinclair building

  • State of the art fire and security solutions
  • Preventing un-authorised access to the building
  • Systems installed to the highest of standards

Our solution

On arrival at Rowse Honey's headquarters, our team of security experts quickly set to work to assess the premises and its current protection. Following a detailed assessment we were able to design a new access control system for their site using security products from world renowned security manufacturer Salto.

Once the design process was complete we were given the go ahead by Rowse Honey to install the new access control system, so our experienced team commenced work to install the new system to maximise security coverage. Using a Salto security system enables Rowse Honey to effectively manage and limit who is able to access their premises, so protecting their employees and assets at all times.