Residential Gates

The addition of residential gates to the boundary of your land or approach to your home not only increases the safety and security of your property and its inhabitants, but also adds value to your home as an impressive feature. With our varied range of attractive residential gates we have a style to suit any property, whether modern or traditional. Our knowledgeable team will work with you to ensure your new gates are in-keeping with their surroundings, adding security and a touch of grandeur to your driveway.

Our range of residential gates include:

  • Solid wood residential gates
  • Wooden infill residential gates
  • Aluminium residential gates
  • Estate residential gates
  • Sliding residential gates
  • Cantilever sliding residential gates
  • Automated residential gates

Our solid wood residential gates can be easily painted, stained or left to show off their natural beauty. Made using superior craftsmanship and constructed from the highest quality timber, you have the choice of Idigbo, Accoya, Iroko or air-dried English Oak timbers.

Wooden residential gates

Wooden infill residential gates offer excellent privacy and the gaps between the steel frame are filled with your choice of timber. Choose from a stylish simple frame design or something more decorative and intricate.

Aluminium residential gates

Residential gates made from aluminium are lightweight, ensuring minimal wear and tear when used with an automated sliding gate system. These gates can withstand all weather conditions and are low maintenance because the aluminium won’t warp, rust or rot.

Any disruption during installation and maintenance of your gates is minimal.

For more information on residential gates give our team a call today.