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What is Monitoring?

Alarm monitoring is the additional signalling (communication) that’s installed on your fire or intruder alarm system and linked directly to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). The ARC will be notified of any confirmed activations and can then alert your designated key holders or directly to the police. For information on the monitoring options available, click here. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will be able to discuss and advise on the best option for you.

What is Key Holder Response?

In the event of an alarm activation on a monitored system, designated key holders (yourself, family, or a professional company) will be notified by the ARC to respond and confirm intrusion or reset the alarm system.


What is Police Response?

As an NSI approved installer, we can apply for Police response for your system. Police response is the ultimate peace of mind for property owners because as soon as the alarm activation is confirmed by the ARC, the police are dispatched immediately. If you have police response, it is imperative that you have a good maintenance package in place to reduce false activations. If the police respond to 3 false alarms within a 12-month period, the immediate response will be withdrawn.

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Regular maintenance is vital to ensure effective and reliable operation of your security systems. It is often stipulated in home insurance documents that fire and security systems must comply with regulations and standards. Our qualified engineers are experienced in maintaining all fire and security systems so whether your system has been installed by us or another company, we will be on hand to ensure your system is in full working order and up to standard. We offer maintenance packages on an annual, biannual, or monthly basis.

Some of the benefits of our maintenance packages include:

  • Guaranteed 4-hour engineer response times
  • 24 hour a day engineer support
  • Discounts on call out costs
  • Remote Support
  • Scheduled maintenance visits
  • Minimal downtime due to well-stocked service vehicles

For more information on our monitoring and maintenance packages, contact a member of our team today.

Texecom Connect App

  • Control your security directly from your compatible smartphone or tablet device.
  • Control the operation of your security system, receive notifications of system events and monitor cameras or activity from anywhere in the world.

Equipment Installed

Equipment to make your properties safe & secure

As the performance and functionality of individual technology types has improved, so too has their capability to operate in unison with one another. Working with the best products in the business, we can install equipment that works seamlessly together. 
Intruder alarms

Installing an intruder alarm can be a simple step to safeguard your property.


CCTV systems are renowned as being the most effective deterrent a business can deploy to keep crime, intrusion and vandalism at bay.

Access control

Access control systems make managing people and gathering visitor data more simple.

Gates & barriers

Automatic gates, parking barriers, retractable bollards and turnstiles form part of an overall security system.

Disabled assistance

We can install a range of systems including care alarm/ disabled assistance products to workplaces, public buildings and residential premises.

Integrated systems

Integrated security solutions with the insight and service to support a wide array of residential, commercial and public premises.

Fire alarms

We design, install, commission and maintain any make or model of fire alarm system.

Fire suppression

Fire Suppression ensures rapid response in the event of a fire.

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The latest tech from leading companies

"Working alongside the biggest names in the industry"

With a wealth of experience in the security and fire industry our experienced team are staying abreast of the competition with our forward thinking approach and work hard to keep up to date with improvements and innovations in terms of systems. 



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