Terms of Business

Customer Notes:

1. The production of O & M Manuals have not been allowed for in this specification. (Available at an extra cost).
2. No main building contractor's retention has been allowed in this specification.
3. To be a successful operation the system requires the active co-operation of the customer in carrying out the necessary procedures carefully and thoroughly. The whole system can be jeopardised by lack of care. This care must extend to the security of the keys to the premises and/or user codes and information regarding the system.
4. As a matter of "good practice" Contact Fire and Security recommends that a System Manager be appointed to deal with all issues relating to the system.
5. We draw your attention to the requirement for you to notify the local Police and Environmental Health Authority of the keyholder details within 48 hours of the first use of the alarm system and any subsequent changes. It should be noted that to comply with ACPO policy, keyholders should reside within a 20-minute travel distance from the premises. Some local authority areas maybe subject of Section 9 of the Noise & Statutory Nuisance Act 1993 which places additional responsibilities on the Customer. Please check with your Local Council for details.
6. Contact Fire and Security will require 10 working days' notice prior to commencement on site, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
7. Contact Fire and Security will immediately submit an invoice for the full amount of each completed section of work, free from any deduction.
8. An NSI Certificate of Compliance will be issued upon completion, handover and receipt of full payment of the system.
9. The re-arrangement of fixtures, furniture and stock can adversely affect the range and characteristics of movement detectors. Also, care should be taken that movement detectors are not obstructed in any way thereby restricting coverage.
10. The protected areas should be kept free from birds or animals to reduce the possibility of false alarms.
11. Would you please ensure that our engineers have access to all working surfaces.
12. The provision for builder's works has not been allowed for in this specification.
13. This specification has been designed in accordance with the Customers Insurers recommendations.
14. The Customer is responsible to inform Contact Fire and Security (in writing) of any change in structure or stock/equipment layouts which could impair the operation of the systems. Contact Fire and Security cannot be held responsible if this information is not provided.
15. Should any alterations or additions to the Specification be required during the installation, we will require your written authority. It is in your own interest to ensure that your Insurance Company fully approves any modification.
16. Should any of the specified detection equipment prove unsatisfactory for environmental reasons, we reserve the right to substitute alternative protection at your cost.
17. The Customer is responsible to remove all stock or any obstruction that may impede the engineers carrying out the installation.
18. The installation is to be carried out during normal working hours 0830 – 1700) Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays unless alternative arrangements have been made between the Customer and this Company.
19. Any waiting time will be charged as an extra at our current day work hourly rate.
20. Cables will be concealed where possible but will be surface run where this is impractical in the opinion of this Company.
21. The Customer should advise Contact Fire and Security the locations of concealed water, gas, electricity, telephone or other services before work commences. In the absence of advice Contact Fire and Security cannot accept liability for damage or consequential loss.
22. It is recommended that the control equipment should be housed in a secure and lockable cupboard, and this work should be carried out by the Customer's Building Contractor unless otherwise instructed.
23. Our engineers have been instructed to install the necessary cables to the loft area to facilitate the remote signalling equipment (if applicable).
24. This specification has been designed and calculated allowing for the installation to be carried out in 2 phases i.e.
1st fix – carcass wiring
2nd fix – equipment to site, test, commission and handover.
25. Any variations to this specification will be charged as an extra item and the price charged will be the price at the time of variation quotation whether high or lower than original schedule of rates used for our initial quotation.
26. The system will be "handed over" once the handover sheet is signed by the Customer. This is to signify that you have been shown how the system operates and that you are fully satisfied that it operates correctly.
27. Any items on our quotation that we are to pay our suppliers by Proforma you will be expected to pay up front for.
28. Please note, in cases where the installation of the system is dependent upon carpets being lifted, that our Engineers are not carpet fitters, and although every care and attention will be given to refit carpets in the same manner, no guarantee can be given.
29. The Customer has requested to operate the system with internal doors left open, however no guarantee can be given that a movement detector will operate other than within the area specified.
30. The provision for cutting chases, making good or decorative works (if applicable) has not been allowed for in this specification.
31. The Customer is aware that animals moving in an area with movement detectors are likely to cause false alarms when the system is armed unless the detectors are specified as "Pet Tolerant".
32. It will be necessary for the Customer to ensure that all doors connected onto the alarm system close securely. Where necessary suitable door bolts or catches to be fitted for this purpose.
33. Contact Fire and Security reserve the right to alter the configuration of this system.
34. The enclosed drawing/sketch is both an aid to assist you in understanding the specification and an indication of the detectors locations. It does not represent the actual area of coverage of the detectors; neither does it necessarily represent the final detector positions.
35. Contact Fire and Security operates a Quality System designed to comply with ISO 9001:2000.
36. Contact Fire and Security does not accept responsibility or liability for the performance or reliability of equipment or wiring that has not been approved, supplied and/or installed by Contact Fire and Security.
37. All estimates are based upon our interpretation of the customer's requirements. Any error or omission should be brought to our attention for correction or clarification as soon as possible. Estimates are for work specified therein only. Additional work may be charged in addition to the estimated price.
38. All estimates assume free access to site work and where necessary a reduction or prohibition or pedestrian and/or vehicle traffic during the period or work.
39. We can accept no liability for delays or losses directly or indirectly incurred during the period or work.
40. The provision of a suitable power supply to the working area is the responsibility of the Customer/Main Contractor unless otherwise agreed in writing.
41. All high voltage cable runs (mains supply, controls supply, etc) will be either S.W.A. or P.V.C. conduit protected cables – unless specified otherwise.
42. All cable runs, and system design will be based on site conditions at the time of our survey. Any planned changes should be indicated to our Surveyor in order that our specification and estimate may take account for such changes.
43. Any connection to the system by others will automatically void any warranty unless specifically agreed in writing beforehand.
44. The Customer/Main Contractor is responsible for advising of any special conditions.
45. ALL orders placed and cancelled by our customer will carry a cancellation charge of no less than 20% of the original agreed sum, unless agreed otherwise in writing by both parties beforehand, All orders cancelled with work carried out by us in any shape or form, will be committed to the full cancellation charge of 30% (deposit monies will be used of offset any such cancellation charge).
46. Should there be a site delay preventing installation, we reserve the right to invoice for 85% of the cost of purpose made goods which have been manufactured and either delivered to site or held in our warehouse awaiting despatch. In the event of an extended delay, not of our making, we also reserve the right to levy a charge of 5% per month (part or whole after the first 30 days) of the unfixed sales value of the goods.
47. We reserve the right to be allowed an extension of time for installation should inclement weather prevent access to the site or delay our fitters carrying out the work.
48. Variations to the above terms must be agreed in writing by both parties, applying to the current contract only.
49. By placing an order to the specification reference above, you agree to the terms and conditions listed in this document.
50. We will not be responsible for any prior works to our specified security system.
The detection, control and indicating equipment detailed in the specification conforms to environmental Class II unless otherwise stated within the specification
At the time of preparing this quotation, no hazardous materials, chemicals or substances were identified. The costs stated in our quotation reflect the situation and scope of the works specified. If our understanding of the site conditions is incorrect or site conditions change, we request that the Customer advises the Company in writing so that we may re-assess the situation. Where a change in site conditions are identified either by our own Personnel or the Customer, this may result in an increase in cost and/or refusal to undertake certain areas of the specified work.
Please note, if hazardous materials are identified by either party whilst work is being carried out, the Company reserves the right to cease work immediately and to only reconvene upon receiving written confirmation that any hazardous materials have been removed or made safe.
Customer data may be stored on our secure database at the customers consent. Contact Fire and Security will always clearly inform customers about why personal data is being collected and how this data will be used.